About Fellowship for Performing Arts

What is Fellowship for Performing Arts?

Founded by award-winning actor Max McLean, FPA is a not-for-profit New York City-based production company producing theatre and film from a Christian worldview to engage a diverse audience.

Where do you produce your work?
In addition to performing in New York City, FPA tours its productions in major cities from coast to coast and internationally.

What plays have you done?

FPA’s productions include our current touring show, C.S. Lewis On Stage: Further Up & Further In, and the international hit The Screwtape Letters (fall 2024). Previous productions include The Great Divorce, C.S. Lewis On Stage: The Most Reluctant Convert, Martin Luther on Trial, Mark’s Gospel, Genesis, Robert Bolt’s A Man for All Seasons, the first New York revival of the Tony-nominated play Shadowlands and the world premiere of Paradise Lost.

How do you choose your productions?

FPA carefully selects works from great authors and themes that can articulate the Christian worldview in a way that is imaginative, multi-layered and relatable to audiences from any faith perspective, or none at all.

How do you select your actors and designers?

With our home base in the center of the theatre district in New York, we live and work among the most talented actors, creative talent and casting directors, who we engage to help us produce our works at the highest level of excellence our budgets allow.

How is FPA supported?

FPA is registered with the IRS as a 501(c)3 not-for-profit. We have also been members of ECFA since 1996. Ticket revenue covers about 40% of our annual budget. The rest comes from the philanthropic support of patrons like you.

What is the Fellowship Circle?

Almost 90% of our support comes from a group of donors called the Fellowship Circle. They bridge the financial gap not covered by ticket sales. To learn more about about our Fellowship Circle and read our newsletter, click here.

How can I learn more or stay in touch?

Click here and fill out the form to stay in touch. You will receive our newsletter and notices when the next FPA productions will be visiting a theatre near you.

What is FPA’s statement of faith?

Fellowship for Performing Arts’ statement of faith is summarized in the Nicene Creed. We are governed by a Board of Directors committed to the tenets of the creed and dedicated to sharing the Gospel through film and theatre from a Christian worldview meant to engage intellectually and spiritually diverse audiences.

How can I support FPA’s mission?
Tell others about our productions and invite them to go with you when a production is in your area. Make a one-time donation or give on a monthly basis to help us budget for the next production. Use non-cash donations such as appreciated stock, non-cash assets or a legacy from your estate.

Please support Fellowship for Performing Arts.


About Max McLean

Max McLean is an award-winning actor and founder and artistic director of New York City-based Fellowship for Performing Arts.

Max currently is on tour in C.S. Lewis On Stage: Further Up & Further In, which he adapted from Lewis’ writings, and starred as an older C.S. Lewis in FPA’s first film, The Most Reluctant Convert: The Untold Story of C.S. Lewis, which has been seen in cinemas and on video on demand in 127 countries.

Max also adapted for the stage The Screwtape Letters, C.S. Lewis On Stage: The Most Reluctant Convert, The Great Divorce, Genesis and Mark’s Gospel.

As a stage actor, he created the roles of Screwtape in New York, on national tour and in London; C.S. Lewis in The Most Reluctant Convert on national tour and in an extended 15-week run in New York; Lewis in Further Up & Further In; Mark in Mark’s Gospel; and Storyteller in Genesis. Max received the Jeff Award—Chicago theatre’s highest honor—for his performance of Mark’s Gospel and is the 2022 recipient of the C.S. Lewis Foundation Award for Distinguished Lifetime Contribution.

He has been nominated for four awards from the Audio Publishers Association for his narration of The Listener’s Bible. His creative work has been cited with distinction by the New York Times, Washington Post, The New Yorker, Boston Globe, Chicago Tribune, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, Christianity Today and World Magazine to name a few media outlets.

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