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A trial for the soul of Martin Luther, and the prosecutor…is the Devil. In the new original play Martin Luther on Trial, Luther’s beloved wife Katarina defends him as witnesses including Adolf Hitler, Sigmund Freud, Rabbi Josel, St. Paul, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Pope Francis take the stand. Even as 2017 marks 500 years since Luther ignited the Protestant Revolt against Rome, he continues to spark intense debate. You be the judge in this witty, provocative exploration of one of history’s most explosive personalities and the religious and political controversies he unleashed.


For a Catholic view of Martin Luther on Trial read here and here.

Run time: 2 hours and 20 minutes including a 15 min intermission.
(Recommended for ages 13 and older. Children under age 4 not admitted.)



What the Critics are Saying


Brave and brilliant and principled but also arrogant and angry. Flashbacks offer sensitive insights into Luther’s tussles with authority and scripture… UNUSUALLY WRY AND WELL-ACTED.”

The New Yorker

ASTOUNDING ACTING combined with the gorgeous set, time-period costumes, lighting and music cues make Martin Luther on Trial AN UNFORGETTABLE PRODUCTION of documentary, historical accuracy and effective self-awareness.”

New York Theatre Guide

“With Martin Luther on Trial, Fellowship for Performing Arts offers something that has been sorely missing from the New York theater scene for far too long: HIGH-QUALITY, CHALLENGING THEATER from a CHRISTIAN PERSPECTIVE.”

Zachary Stewart, TheaterMania

This is epic theatre that’s IMMENSELY ENTERTAINING, philosophically profound and superbly enacted by a WORLD-CLASS cast.”

New York Theater Buying Guide

A DRAMATIC, theological, psychological, HILARIOUS and WELL-WRITTEN back-and-forth clash of documented moments in Luther’s life.”

New York Theatre Guide

Martin Luther on Trial DELIVERS HIGH DRAMA by grappling with giant issues of democracy and authority, credibility and control —problems very much unresolved in 2016.”

Zachary Stewart, Theatermania

“I cannot recall when my imagination was as ‘sparked’ as it was last evening at Martin Luther on Trial. I LIKED EVERYTHING ABOUT THE . . . PRODUCTION. I thought the staging was excellent and the acting superior.”

The Tablet

“Martin Luther on Trial is a FASCINATING investigation of the life and ideas of the founder of the Protestant Reformation. Whatever your religious beliefs, this is a BALANCED AND THEATRICAL representation of one of the great thinkers and shakers of Western Civilization.”

New York Theatre Scene

“The CRACKLING DIALOGUE is rich with sharp observations and CUTTING WIT. The work has been METICULOUSLY RESEARCHED and the cast of characters reflects this.”

Theatre Pizzazz

Martin Luther on Trial JOINS THE CANON OF GREAT THEATRICAL WORKS about religious figures such as T.S. Eliot’s Murder in the Cathedral about Thomas Becket and George Bernard Shaw’s Saint Joan. Like those formidable forerunners, Martin Luther on Trial wrestles dramatically with heady matters of faith and ethics, of God and conscience. But this play goes them one better. Martin Luther on Trial is quite the divine comedy and IT’S FUNNY AS HELL.”

John Stoltenberg, DC Metro Theater Arts

“The authors make their case both AMUSINGLY AND FORMIDIBLY with a text that is filled to the brim with witty irreverence and IMPASSIONED RHETROIC. Whatever your view, I suspect YOU WILL BE AS ENTHRALLED AS I by this damned (apology to the Devil) good show.”

Curtain Up

“The STAGING is IMPECCABLE, the ACTING is FIRST-RATE, the script is amusing and, to the extent you can say this about a play which has Hitler, Freud, Lucifer and Pope Francis talking to each other, historically accurate. The writing is good, too. All of this is tremendously dramatic stuff.”

Tim Treanor, DC Theatre Scene

“The compelling performance [of Martin Luther] captures each nuance and epic passion in a way that scales the character’s convictions and contradictions to Shakespearean dimensions. The scene when Luther comes upon the concept of grace and falls to his knees humbled and overcome was AS POWERFUL AN EPIPHANY AS I’VE

John Stoltenberg, DC Metro Theater Arts

CREATIVE…a FRESH APPROACH to reviewing Luther’s life and legacy.”

World Magazine