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C.S. Lewis’
The Screwtape Letters

C.S. Lewis’ The Screwtape Letters is a smart, provocative and wickedly funny theatrical adaptation of the C.S. Lewis novel about spiritual warfare from a demon’s point of view.

The play, set in an eerily stylish office in Hell, follows the clever scheming of one of Satan’s senior tempters, Screwtape. He advises his nephew, a junior tempter, on enticing an unsuspecting human “patient” toward damnation. In this topsy-turvy, morally inverted universe, God is the “Enemy” and the Devil is “Our Father below.” The stakes are high as human souls are Hell’s primary source of food.

Run time: 90 minutes; no intermission.


New York - January 6-24


Call: 866.476.8707

Box Office

Call 212.563.9261
Box office: 555 W 42nd, NYC
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What the Critics are Saying


“WICKEDLY WITTY … it is, if I may say so, ONE HELL OF A GOOD SHOW! Lewis’ topsy-turvy exercises in inverted moral theology were made to be played with lip-smacking relish!”

Terry Teachout, The Wall Street Journal

“A HUMOROUS and LIVELY stage adaptation … THE DEVIL HAS RARELY BEEN GIVEN HIS DUE MORE PERCEPTIVELY AND ERUDITELY … clever and satirical … A large part of what makes it successful is the energetic performance by Max McLean as Screwtape.”

Wilborn Hampton, The New York Times

“VERY SMART … Richly rewarding … EXUBERANT THEATRICALITY…McLean let’s It rip!”

Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune

“ENGROSSING and ENTERTAINING … largely due to McLean’s SILKY, VIPERISH PERFORMANCE as His Abysmal Sublimity Screwtape … loaded with alternately clever and ham-handed commentary on human foibles.”

The Boston Globe

“A parable dipped in MORDANT IRONY … CAPTURES THE DROLL HUMOR with which Lewis constructed his topsy-turvy morality lesson. CLEVERLY IMAGINED FOR THE STAGE, it gives even nonbelievers an amusing primer of modern vice.”

Michael Schulman, The New Yorker


Celia Wren, The Washington Post

“ENTERTAINING AS IT IS THOUGHT-PROVOKING … McLean delivers a commanding performance!”

Frank Scheck, New York Post

“HYSTERICAL AND THOUGHT-PROVOKING … appealing to believers and nonbelievers equally, perhaps because [Lewis] is able to put himself in the place of each. Screwtape appeals not merely for its intellectually supported Christianity, but for its dark humor.”

Orlando Weekly

“DEVILISHLY FUNNY … Lewis’ philosophical insights into human nature are cleverly conveyed!”

Jennifer Farrar, Associated Press

“The production with its IMAGINATIVE set and SNAZZY lighting effects is HIGHLY SEDUCTIVE!”

Joe Dziemianowicz, New York Daily News


What You're Saying


“I was so thrilled that you came to Boston and that I could see the performance! Please come back again so more people can see it! A wonderful adaptation. Thank you!”

- Kathleen

“My daughter and I went together for our birthday. This was a wonderful experience… chilling at times, thought provoking, and a happy reminder that our God wins! I could picture the “patient” as a real man fighting a real battle. When I heard the soaring music, ‘A mighty Fortress is our God!’, and ‘Amazing Grace’, and saw Hell shake I was deeply moved in my spirit.”

- Janice

“Wonderful. Thought provoking. Seeing the unseen. The spiritual warfare ongoing we are generally unaware of.”

- Cathy