Paradise Lost

A modern retelling of the story behind humanity’s fall from grace… all in 100 MINUTES!

Paradise Lost is a fast-paced, witty and accessible modern retelling of John Milton’s classic story of humanity’s fall from grace written by Tom Dulack (Kennedy Center Award). 
After leading a rebellion of angels, Lucifer (David Andrew MacdonaldRocky) has been banished from heaven. Now, beaten, vindictive and furious, Lucifer plots his revenge. He turns his eye to the Creator’s new world, a Paradise inhabited by creatures – male and female – made in His image.  Adam (Robbie Simpson, Afterglow) and Eve (Marina Shay, Miss Julie) have dominion over this garden of delight where they live in joy and happiness. Amidst all this bliss, is but one prohibition – they must not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

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Lucifer and his minions Beelzebub (Lou Liberatore, TONY nominee) and Sin (Alison Fraser, Two-time TONY nominee) sneak past Gabriel (Mel Johnson Jr. On the Twenty Century) and his army of Angels undetected, to launch his plot. Targeting Eve, Lucifer charms her into believing that disobeying God is the way to an even greater Paradise with even more power, joy and happiness.  The rest is history. 


An all-star team creates dazzling stagecraft to retell this amazing story. The creative team includes scenery by Harry Feiner (Obie, Drama Desk Awards), costumes by Sydney Maresca (Lightning Thief), lighting by Phil Monat  (Obie, Lortel Awards), Projections by Jahn Narum (Obie Award), and original music & sound by John Gromada (TONY nominee, Drama Desk Awards). Directed by Michael Parva (Irena’s Vow).
John Milton explored Lucifer’s motivation in great detail, but what motivated Eve? This contemporary retelling of Paradise Lost asks the challenging question – Given all that Eve had, why did she fall so easily? And would you have responded any differently?

An all-star team of Tony nominees, Broadway veterans and crackerjack designers ignite this fast-paced, witty and accessible modern retelling of humanity’s fall from grace.

Run time:
100 minutes; no intermission.
Age Recommendation:
Recommended for ages 14 and older. Children under age 4 will not be admitted.
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Paradise Lost
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