FC Fall 2021

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Join FPA’s Film Launch Team!

The nationwide premiere of FPA’s first film is currently set for one night only on Nov. 3. We want to show it more than that! And we need your help.

So, we have created The Most Reluctant Convert Movie Launch Team. Because the cinema owners are motivated by attendance and ticket sales, with many other films vying for screens, they set the one-night-only limit. However, they don’t know about the tens of thousands of FPA supporters across the country or the millions of C.S. Lewis fans. Our strategy is to tap into this community with a nationwide Launch Team of individuals and groups like you to buy tickets when they go on sale mid-to-late September and help us fill movie theatres in your community on Nov. 3. The more theatres we fill, the more screens and dates will become available to us.

An average screen has about 100 seats with an average ticket in the $12 – $15 range.  Would you be willing to organize a group to fill a theatre in your community? Or help us promote the film locally? Or arrange a group? If the idea of seeing the movie version of The Most Reluctant Convert in a cinema near you is appealing, let us know by going online to CSLewisMovieLaunchTeam.com. We will follow up with you with details as to how we can make this happen!
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