Paradise Lost Audience Buzz

The visual beauty, the actor’s abilities and tragic message were incredibly powerful.

David S., NYC

Great performances! Great theater! A must-see!

Linda D., NYC

Fabulous show. Go see it!

Genevieve S., NYC

“Awesome production design!”

Thomas C., NYC

Great show!! Beautiful production!

Barbara B., NYC

Saw the show on Sunday and absolutely loved it!! Bravo Max! You guys always deliver!

Adrienne R., NYC

Paradise Lost is phenomenal. A must-see! So creative and inventive with outstanding performances!

Genevieve S., NYC

Excellent performance! Very thought-provoking, especially the struggle of thoughts in Eve prior to eating the fruit. The cast were all terrific as was the set. Bravo!

Leslie R., NYC

Exciting! Awesome sets!

Elizabeth I., NYC

Another wonderful show by the folks at FPA.

Stuart G., NYC