The Screwtape Letters Audience Buzz

“The performance exceeded any expectations so much that I sent the book and study guide to a nephew who is incarcerated. We have had some great conversations about it and our faith walk.”

Pam R., Atlanta

“Brilliant and provocative. We found it extremely relevant.”

Jeanne G., San Diego

“Exceeded our expectations! Excellent!”

Brenton M., Pittsburgh

“Screwtape Letters came alive in ways I couldn’t imagine!”

Ruthann A., New York City

“Max McLean’s willingness to take questions from the audience at the end of the show is superb. Not only does it allow experienced theatre-goers to peek behind the curtain regarding production details, it communicates to non-Christians that their questions about our faith are welcome.”

Dennis H., Atlanta

“Very impressed with how engaging the show was…and how true to the book the script is.”

Doug M., Grand Rapids

“Excellent interpretation of this gifted author.”

K. C., Pittsburgh

“Outstanding. We traveled roughly 4 hours to reach Houston, and it was well worth it.”

Mike E., Houston

“My teenagers (ages 16 and 13) loved the performance…and are still talking about the characters.”

Cynthia W., Washington, D.C.

“Everything about this performance… was enticing, challenging (in a good way), and inspirational!  The costuming was excellent!”

Becky M., Richmond

“Impressed with the production . . . thought-provoking content and performance . . . exceeded our expectations.”

Raniele C., San Diego

“My wife is the CS Lewis fan, but I absolutely loved the performance. Engaged me from beginning to end.”

Todd C., Chicago

“An excellent visual to remember the battle that is being waged for our souls.”

Valerie M., Atlanta

“Absolutely riveting and one of the finest productions I have seen, in terms of the adaptation of the book for the stage, the acting—which was superlative—the staging and set, the sound, all of it! I took my sons who are 14 and 16, and they thought it was great!!”

Jenifer C., Boston

“The whole event was life-changing.”

Susan G., Houston

“We took the whole family—56, 50, 16, and 12 years old.”

Rob S., Phoenix

“Loved it!  We brought a large group of homeschool highschoolers and after the show Brent Harris spent time talking with the kids about the production. This was a highlight for us all.  Very rich experience!”

Shani R., Atlanta

“We so enjoyed the performance! We took two friends with us, and they had lots of questions. Great discussion resulted.”

Joy B., Norfolk

“Great presentation of the book that led me to become a Christian.”

Diane D., Pittsburgh

“One of the most compelling and moving performances I have ever seen!  Both actors were amazing.”

Joan M., Chicago


Marquita S., Kansas City

“Fantastic and thoroughly enjoyable!”

Thomas W., New York City

“Everyone should see this.”

Cheryl M., Kansas City

“It was captivating and an excellent representation of Lewis’s novel…. It truly made the novel come to life.” 

Annette E., Atlanta

“This production was so well done. I was riveted throughout the performance. I would not hesitate to attend another FPA production.”

Bonnie C., Chicago

“If I could see it again tomorrow I would.”

Darlene K., Pittsburgh

“An experience we’ll never forget.”

Dana T., Washington, D.C.

“Amazing acting and wonderful sound and light effects.”

Rita M., Midland

“Engaging performance that had my whole family breathless from beginning to end.”

Casey L., San Diego

“Stunning. Amazingly thought-provoking. Very full telling of the story.”

Larry P., Pittsburgh

“By far the best live play I have seen. I recommend it for everyone.”

Lesa D., Midland