C.S. Lewis On Stage: Further Up & Further In Audience Buzz

“I was practically on the edge of my seat!”

“Completely engaged!”

“Made me understand Lewis better!”

“Inspired, encouraged and spiritually challenged to journey further up and further in!”

“Incredibly powerful!”

“Moved to tears! What a tremendous ministry. Max embodies Lewis!”

“A fabulous production! Inspiring and memorable!”

“Loved the Q&A afterward!”

“Fabulously creative!”

“Love to see God-glorifying art that is high quality!”

“Spectacular script with imaginative staging.”

“Outstanding, engaging, and powerful!”

“Beautiful production values and virtuoso performance!”

“Acting was impeccable. Multimedia devices were appropriate and beyond supportive, creative.”

“Powerful, beautifully presented, amazing heart impact.”

“One of the best performances I have seen.”

“Great exercise for the Christian brain!”

“Beautifully acted and produced.”

“Captivating, funny, and thought-provoking.”

“Stunning and deeply thought-provoking.”

“I was edified and engaged, as well as reminded of why I have found Lewis such a persuasive Christian apologist.”

“Beyond my expectations!”

“Absolutely mesmerizing. I felt as if Jack was in the auditorium with us.”

“Held captive by Mr. McLean’s portrayal of Mr. Lewis, from start to end!”

“Mr. McLean gave a riveting performance!”

“Smart, moving, thought-provoking, well-written, and well-performed.”

“Max becomes C.S. Lewis.”

“Like being in C.S. Lewis’ den with 500 of our closest friends.”

“90 minutes of pure joy!”

“Exceeded our already high expectations.”

“Fabulous! Professional. Totally engaging!”

“Exceptionally engaging.”

“Our faith was bolstered by attending the performance.”

“This production truly captured the essence of C.S. Lewis’ ability to describe truth in an unforgettable way.”

“I was completely blown away!”

“Delighted from beginning to end!”

“Moving, thoughtful, and powerful.”

“Challenges my imagination, and profits me greatly in my faith.”

“Carries the message of Lewis forward for new generations.”

“First class, intellectually stimulating, creatively written.”

“Lots of food for thought about my own Christian walk.”

“Balm for the soul, prophetic, a taste of heaven.”

“A breath of fresh air in a suffocating culture.”

“A clear presentation of C.S Lewis, his works, apologetics, and the Gospel.”

“I just loved the whole 90 minutes.”

“Awakens the soul to a inescapable desire for relationship with our Creator.”

“Always excellent, uplifting, thought-inducing, and glorifying to God.”

“Bloody brilliant.”

“This is my first experience with Fellowship for Performing Arts, but it will definitely not be my last!”

“Brought a whole new dimension to my appreciation of the gift of Lewis’ God-inspired intellect, and has encouraged me to engage with some of these ideas on a more practical level in my own life.”

“Mr. McLean was brilliant in his performance.”

“Phenomenal from start to end.”


“Captivating, humorous, personal.”

“An excellent and thoughtful treatment of Lewis. It felt like spending an evening with the man himself!”

“Tremendously inspiring.”

“If Lewis were alive and saw a play of this caliber, I believe he’d have a 100% positive, hearty and witty review.”

“Deepened my love for Lewis and his works, and for Christ.”

“What a refreshing way to engage with literature, the arts, and God.”

“Thought-provoking, intellectually stimulating and spiritually enriching.”

“Max McLean truly captures the Lewis experience and brings him to life.”